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Mexican born, Colombian raised, Canadian bound (Mexicolombianadian) animator with a computer programming background that has the super power of being able to sit for long periods of time.




Animation Supervisor | Atomic Cartoons | Vancouver, BC| 2018-Present
* Started as a senior animator up to lead then up to supervising for Netflix Last Kids on Earth
Animation Supervisor | DHX Media | Vancouver, BC| 2017-2018
* Worked as an animation supervisor for Netflix Carmen San Diego
Animation Lead | DHX Media | Vancouver, BC| 2016- 2017
* Worked as a lead of the revisions team where we retimed/reanimated and polished shots as per Director's notes on My Little Pony The Movie
2D Animator | Atomic Cartoons Inc | Vancouver, BC | 2014
* Worked as a freelance Animator for television series Pirate Express and promo Herc
3D Animator | Modus FX | Montreal, QC | 2011
* Worked as a character animator in feature film The legend of Sarila using XSI
2D Animator | Big Jump Productions| Ottawa, ON | 2009-2016
*Worked on and off as a character animator for television series (Animals, Camp WWE)
*Revised existing animation as per Director's notes to uphold a high level of quality for the television series (The Secret World of Benjamin Bear and Brickleberryt
2D Animator | P.I.P Animation Studios | Ottawa, ON | 2005-2015
* Worked as a 2D animator for television film  Pirate's Passage and television series (Tom & Jerry, Freaktown;Cat in The Hat, Cyberchase Season VI-VIII, Bob and Doug, Carl Squared Seasons I-IV, The Secret World of Og and Caillou), both in-house and out of house being able to organize my time, meet deadlines and follow direction without supervision.



Advance Studies in Character Animation | Animation Mentor | 2010
Classical Animation | Algonquin College | 2005
Computer Programming | Algonquin College |2003
  • Maya    |
  •   XSI  |
  •   Harmony  |
  •   Flash  |
  •   Photoshop


When pencil and paper colide.




E-mail [maite.garcia@gmail.com]

Phone [613.794.2472]

Skype [mgr347]